Church History


In 1981, Bishop Calvin G. Enlow resigned from the United States Navy after 7yrs of honorable service.  During this time Bishop Enlow felt the call of the Lord to return to his native soil and start a Church for the Kingdom of God. Possessing the divine favor of God and blessings from his pastor Reverend Jackie Wilhoitte, Bishop Enlow and family moved from Maine to New Jersey and founded the First United Pentecostal Church of Highland Park.  During this time things were difficult, but as Bishop Enlow believed and still does believe, “that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.”  Today the church is a thriving center for revival that has restored broken homes, delivered those suffering from addiction abuse, as well as healing from physical and emotional abuse.   Bishop Enlow has also served as chairman of the conference on Evangelism Into The Black Community for ten years. This powerful conference attracted thousands of men, women and children from the entire North American continent. Today the church has renamed itself from First United Pentecostal Church of Highland Park to Apostolic Worship Center in the early 1990’s and more recently to Family Worship Center.  Bishop Enlow’s Vision is to cross denominational barriers created by Church titles and names.   

Under the dynamic leadership of Reverend Enlow, Family Worship Center has experienced tremendous growth spiritually, economically and numerically. Reverend Enlow realized the need for a new sanctuary, so in 1988 purchased 8.5 acres in Franklin Park, NJ while the Church was only 7 years old. "To accomplish the vision was a major undertaking for a church that was so young spiritually,” recalls Bishop Enlow, “but God still blessed.”  Recently, God has allowed Family Worship Center to begin construction on their new 37,000 square foot facility.  It has been a long and arduous journey, but Bishop Enlow never let go of the vision God gave him early in his ministry.

In His omnipotence God has chosen Family Worship Center to be a major forerunner for the Body of Christ, planting its anointed leader, Reverend Calvin G. Enlow, in the kingdom for such a time as this.  With the help of God, Bishop Enlow has been able to plant 5 daughter churches around the entire state of New Jersey.  Now entering into his twentieth year as senior pastor, Bishop Calvin G. Enlow has been given a new vision from God.  God has given our Bishop a vision of 1 million souls to be evangelized and churched throughout the state of New Jersey for the glory of God.

Family Worship Center sponsors various programs and events that minister to people locally, and nationally. Thousands have discovered their destinies due to the continual sacrifice of Senior Pastor Bishop Calvin G. Enlow, a man after God's own heart. To God be the glory!